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Fläschepost.lu is an online store where everything is about drinks and related articles. Here you will find a selection of special and exclusive gin, rum, vodka, liqueurs, and much more, in addition to the usual spirits and non-alcoholic beverages. In addition, we also offer a range of local products like Opyos Gin, Stuff Brauerei Beer or Mellis Hunnegdrëpp. Please feel free to visit us and browse our online store with a constantly growing assortment yourself:


The Gin’othéik (Luxembourgish for ginotheque) is a small store located in the old restaurant of the Melusina Club. At the Gin’othéik, as the name suggests, it revolves around gin only. You can purchase or taste more than 30 different gins from all over the world, most of which you can’t find anywhere else in Luxembourg. In addition to gin, the Gin’othéik also offers gift boxes, tasting kits, and homemade spices at an affordable price.
Opening hours are the same as those of the Melusina Club, which you can find here.